HF/UHF Self Loan Station

A kind of equipment for reading, identifying and lending books with RFID tags. Multiple books can be borrowed, returned or renewed at one time. The equipment also has many functions such as accurate recommendation of books, information inquiry, payment of overdue fees, information release.

Product Parameters

1. Net weight: HF 80kg, UHF 65kg

2. Display: HF 22 inch, UHF 22 inch

3. Power supply requirements: AC 220V

4. Rated power: ≤100W

Product Functions

1. Multiple books can be borrowed, returned or renewed  at one time.

2. Support face recognition, Zhima Credit, e-card, entity reader card, ID card, citizen card, etc.

3. e-books recommendation:

● Book precise recommendation: analyze big data based on readers' personal borrowing history, and recommend books to readers from their personal reading preferences, personal habits, etc.

● Digital resources promotion: provide more direct and reader oriented book promotion channels and digital resources utilization channels for the library, and improve the utilization rate of Library Resources

● Online use of resources: the recommended books can be read on the mobile with the help of wechat code scanning, which is convenient and flexible

● Massive genuine resources: the book recommendation has massive genuine resources, so users can use it more safely

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