The iot intelligent library opens in wuxi, jiangsu province


Source: China news service date: 2011-09-07

An intelligent identification, are to be connected to the Internet, since the loan from 30 also open digital library opens in jiangsu wuxi new district, the museum for the first time using the Internet of things technology, the network intelligent reading.

"Perceiving the centre of China"

Wuxi is now in the Internet of things technology on civilian synthetic-aperture, from the beginning for high and new technology industry, environmental protection to the current community health care, intelligent parking lot and civil projects. Today, the Internet of things raises fish, the Internet of things... Dazzling "smart" projects are everywhere.

According to introducing, wuxi new district in the digital library is the first introduction of the Internet of things technology is given priority to with network books open modern library, but relying on Internet technology by computer, mobile phones, e-books and other terminal to provide readers with convenient information service, housebound "curtilage" also can be read at any time.

"This kind of form a complete set of RFID, web technology of intelligent library need to id CARDS for a can become a member, can achieve 24 hours also self-help books or other personality customization service, and all this is not virtual", in wuxi city vice mayor Cao Jia is introduced, the high-end technology in the field of national culture construction of library for the first time.

It is reported that the total investment of the newly opened library is more than 20 million yuan, and it was completed in April this year. In addition to advanced "online bookstore", the library also has audio-visual, visually impaired and so on more than 10 kinds of multi-function reading area, can meet the personalized requirements of any reader.

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