This year, the value of RFID will be over 10 billion.


Author: the date of the RFID world network: 2010-12-17

With major national informationization engineering construction) construction (that is, the gold card, RFID (radio frequency) applications continue to expand, national gold card project coordination leading group office director, deputy director of the ministry of electronic science and zhang qi yesterday in the "2010 mobile payments across top BBS", said the RFID industry at a speed of more than 30% growth each year, the output value of the RFID industry this year is expected to reach 120 yuan to 13 billion yuan, the future market space will be bigger.

In addition, zhang qi said to the reporter, industry calories in the last "blind Angle" has been a breakthrough, radio and television industry gold card project has been listed in the "twelfth five-year" plan.

30% acceleration: the annual value of RFID is over 10 billion

RFID is the most important technology of the Internet of things in the perception layer, and since 2004, RFID and iot have been listed as the focus of the national gold card project. "The RFID market has huge potential, we are growing at a rate of more than 30 per cent a year, and we are expanding in applications." Ms zhang said yesterday that after seven years of exploration and practice, the RFID industry was worth $8.5 billion last year, and this year's output will reach 120 to 13 billion. China is already the world's third most connected RFID app, behind the us and the UK.

In addition, zhang qi also revealed that the original singularly lacking in the industry will be the gold card is expected to be big breakthrough of radio, film and television, in advocating the development of cultural industry and the background of triple play, radio and television industry, the gold card project has been listed in the "twelfth five-year" plan.

It is understood that the gold card project started in 2008, radio, film and television industry and pilot in baoding forever carrier, the future will continue to expand test, in order to realize the payments and settlement system of radio, film and television, and extend transverse payment functions.

According to zhang, one of the key tasks of the gold card project is mobile payment. China mobile payment users will have 400 million users by 2013, and the mobile payment market will be worth $860bn, according to the consulting firm Inform research.

Mobile payment standard or both

Despite the potential for mobile payments, the standard debate has never stopped, despite the fact that mobile payment standards must be unified. In an interview with the newspaper, zhang qi said there could be two standards.

Currently, there are two main approaches to domestic mobile payment standards: the 13.56 MHz standard, which is dominated by China unionpay, and 2.4 GHz, which is dominated by China mobile.

Zhang qi said that since this year, unionpay and three carriers have held three meetings to discuss, the wide divergence of the parties from the initial to the present agreement on the basic consensus, have the very big progress, the quartet next month will also pay the standard meeting discussed.

"I think the end result is likely to be two standard, because the mobile payment has applications in many areas, different areas have different application criteria" zhang qi said.

But a smart card provider told the reporter, "it's clear now that the 13.56 MHz standard has gained the upper hand." , guangzhou institute of China telecom wen-an zhang, director of the committee of experts pointed out that for a bank, security is very important, the safety factor of 13.56 MHz is higher than 2.4 GHz. But for closed environments, such as group users and campus users, 2.4 GHz is more adaptable. Wen-an zhang said, however, China telecom has explicitly in 13.56 MHz RFID technology solutions, as the wing payment and machine products leading and target deployment scheme, and determine eNFC solutions for the final.

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